What do the kids do while at the Club?
It varies depending on the time of year.


During the academic year; youth may  attend the Club each day afterschool. After arriving at the Club youth are given a free snack and have free time to mingle with friends, put their things away, etc. After snack time youth are seated for announcements. During announcements, Club staff explain the daily activities, play a few team building games with youth and make any announcements regarding new or upcoming events. After announcements youth are put into groups by grade and led into rotation. Each group rotates throughout the facility visiting the library, lounge/media lounge, game room, outdoor play area, computer lab and art room.  Each rotation lasts about 45 minutes. Each day groups start in a different area to give them the opportunity to visit each area throughout the week. Near the end of the evening youth are again given free time in the game room or area of their choosing. The Club is open to youth Monday – Friday from 2:45pm – 7:00pm.

During the summer months; the schedule changes slightly. Youth may arrive at the Club as early as 7:30am and are greeted with a hot breakfast. Youth enjoy free time until around 9:00am when morning announcements start. Again youth are given information about their daily activities and upcoming events. After announcements youth break into groups based on upcoming grade and follow through rotations lasting 45-60 minutes. At 10:30am youth are served a morning snack and have free time. After snack youth go back into rotation OR go outside for a large group activity. At 11:30am youth are served lunch and have free time to eat outside in our picnic area and play with other youth. After lunch youth are again put into rotation. Afternoon snack is served at 3:00pm and youth are again given free time. Throughout the day youth are taken on field trips to various locations throughout our area including museums, parks, bowling trips, swimming, skating, etc. Youth are allowed to go on two driving trips each week and unlimited walking trips each week. The Club is open to youth Monday – Friday from 7:30am – 6:00pm.

How much does it cost to go to the Club?
Membership for the Club is only $15.00 per year per child. The Afterschool program has a fee of $1.00 per day, per child and is due by the end of each month.  This fee applies only to days that your child attends the afterschool program.  Extra activities such as the summer program and sports programs carry an additional fee. Please contact the Club for current fees and requirements.

What sports do you offer?
Currently we offer basketball leagues for co-ed K-1st grades, boys grades 2nd-8th, girls 2nd-8th and cheerleading grades K-8th.

Who can go to the Club? 
Anyone ages 6-18 years are welcome to attend the Club. Youth that are at least 5 years old AND in kindergarten are also eligible to attend the program.
Are you a daycare? 
No, we are a youth development program. Youth may come and go as they please.

 How do the kids get to the Club after school?
Most kids ride the bus to the Club each day after school. The Bloomfield Schools graciously provide transportation to our youth from school each day free of charge.

Are kids left alone?
No, youth are never left unattended while at the Club. Youth are supervised by staff members while in each area of the Club.

Who watches them? 
Youth are watched by trained youth development professionals.

Do they have to come everyday? 
No, youth may come to the Club as often as they like without the risk of losing their "place”. No one is ever turned away and all are welcome all the time. Also, youth do not have to stay the entire time the Club is open. Youth may come and go as they please.
Where do you get your funding? 
The Boys & Girls Club of Bloomfield is funded by donations from individuals and corporations such as you! We are also a United Way sponsored agency. We also receive a small amount of funding from foundations, special events and fundraisers. The Club is not currently funded federally.
Where does my donation go?
You determine where your donation goes! You can choose to specify where your money is put to use OR you can make a donation without any designations. Donations without designations are put to use where they are needed most.
Friends Hanging at the Skating Rink
Fun at the Water Park
Stashing Legos in the Cubbies
Field Trip to Durango Rec. Center
Watching a Movie in the Lounge
Telling Jokes to the Staff
The Club's Annual Summer Rafting Trip